Christian Barbieux

Managing Director and Founder

A graduate from the Catholic University of Salamanca with a master's degree in corporate law, a real estate expert in the Courts, he is also the Vice-President of the Spanish Association for Real Estate Legal Advice (ASEJURIA).

As a tax specialist, he works with companies established in Spain from their creation to their development.

Trained in psychoanalysis and a member of the European Association of Psychoanalysis, he subscribes to the Lacanian theory.

Raquel Gómez

Head of the Tax Department

A graduate from the University of Valencia with a Master II in Private Law, she is well versed in the working methodologies of a large international group for which she worked for more than 10 years.

Quick to respond, and with a great analytical capacity, she oversees all the tax obligations of the company's clients as well as the management of administrative disputes.

Karina Vera


A graduate in law and communication, she has extensive experience in the day-to-day management of companies.

In her role in charge of the coordination of services, Karina works with the administrations as well as with the clients whom she guides in their needs.


Labor law is a complex subject, especially in Spain. For this reason, our firm has made the bet to collaborate with the best. Under the direction of Manuel Chover ( gold medal of the council of the order ) and Ana Parreño ( professor of social law at the faculty ), our clients can count on their excellent and that of their team.

Rosa Vallès


A graduate from the Law faculty of Valencia, she is a specialist in criminal law and immigration law.

Pragmatic, direct and empathetic, she quickly analyses risky situations and offers simple and effective solutions.

Rúben Nebra


Jean Louis Barberousse

Art Advisor
Real Estate Investments manager

Nous nous distinguons pour notre réactivité et pour les propositions rapides de solutions.


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